After One Hour with a New Machine

It is very important after you have operated a new machine for approximately an hour to shut down the machine and recheck all nuts, bolts, belts, and hydraulic fittings and retighten as needed.

It is normal for nuts and bolts to loosen once on a new piece of machinery. If you tighten them now, there is a good possibility they won’t loosen again. Certain nuts and bolts should be checked periodically such as anvil and knife nuts and bolts, etc. for torque and fit.

Most of the nuts used on the machine are self locking. After a nut or bolt has been removed five times, it should be replaced to insure proper tightness. This is especially critical on the chipper knife nuts and bolts.

DO NOT GO NEAR HYDRAULIC LEAKS! High pressure oil easily punctures skin causing serious injury, gangrene, or death. Avoid burns from fluid. Hot fluid under pressure can cause severe burns. DO NOT use fingers or skin to check for leaks. Lower load or relieve hydraulic pressure before loosening fittings. Relieve all pressure in the system before disconnecting the lines, hoses, or performing other work. Use a piece of ardboard to find leaks. Never use your bare hands. Allow system to cool down to ambient temperature before opening any coolant or hydraulic oil system.

In cold weather situations let your hydraulic system idle for approximately 15 minutes to allow the system to warm up to operating temperature.

After the engine is started, let the chipper disc/drum turn at the lowest RPM’s possible. Listen for any type of noise that is foreign. Any steel on steel noise is foreign. If you hear a noise, stop the engine, find the problem and fix it.

For more detailed information, charts, and a diagrams please consult an operator’s manual.