Anvil Adjustment

Monitoring the condition and adjustment of your anvil regularly is critical to maintaining the performance of your machine and the desired chip quality. These step-by-step instructions in addition to the information found in your owner’s manual and the video included at the bottom of this article can help you understand the procedure.

Before attempting any type of maintenance disengage clutch, turn off engine, wait for the drum to come to a complete stop, install the drum lock pin, disconnect battery, and make sure the ignition key is in your possession.

Before working inside the infeed hopper or under the top feedwheel remove the easy climb springs from the top yoke, raise the yoke , install the yoke lock pin, safety chain the yoke in the raised position, and insert a wooden block to assist in holding the yoke in the raised position.

Do NOT under any circumstance attempt to rotate the chipper drum while someone is inside the infeed hopper. They may become seriously injured. Do NOT do this!


  • This clearance should be checked on a weekly basis or as knives are changed. To check the anvil clearance, follow all pre-maintenance shut down procedures. Once all safety procedures are completed the anvil to knife clearance can be checked.
  • In order to check the clearance one person will need to climb into the infeed hopper. Use a feeler gauge or the anvil to knife gauge supplied by Bandit to check the clearance of the first knife to the anvil. Check the clearance at the left and right sides of the knife.
  • Once that knife has been checked climb back out of the infeed hopper, remove the drum lock pin, and very carefully rotate the chipper drum so the other knives can be checked.
  • Once all knives have been checked adjust the anvil according to the closest knife. The anvil to knife clearance should be .120 inches (3.0 mm).
  • Set the closet knife to this distance.


  • To adjust the anvil first loosen two of the hex nuts on either the inside or outside of the anvil puller block. If the anvil needs to be adjusted closer to the drum, loosen the outside hex nuts. If the anvil needs to be adjusted away from the drum, loosen the inside hex nuts.
  • Loosen the anvil bolts from underneath the machine.
  • Once the components have been loosened, move the anvil to the correct clearance using the anvil adjuster bolts and hex nuts.
  • Once the knife is set to the correct clearance, .120 inches (3.0 mm), retighten all components.
  • Make sure bolts are torqued to their specific bolt torques refer to bolt torques in your manual.
  • Carefully rotate the chipper drum to make sure all the knives clear the anvil.

We invite you to watch the video programs below for visual reference. For more detailed information, charts, and a diagrams please consult an operator’s manual.