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No one wants to spend large sums of money on equipment they only use now and again, so hiring is a great option for those one off jobs that require equipment you don’t own. In addition to having the right gear for the right job, hiring offers many advantages; You can accurately cost jobs when […]

Ex Training Chainsaws

Tree Care Machinery has just received into their store, Husqvarna XP Professional chainsaws which have been utilized for the past 12 months as training saws.   All saws have been inspected by our qualified service technician and carry the full 12 month warranty and manuals as per new saws.     HUSQVARNA 550XP – 50.1cc, […]


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So often the woodchipper is blamed by the operators when it blocks up, feeds slowly, or struggles on foliage.  The operators become impatient and annoyed, and work the machine harder and harder. Usually the problem is not with the chipper itself, but the simple fact that the knives are blunt.  Dull knives can sometimes be “touched up” […]

Reach New Heights

Tree Care Machinery introduces its versatile new range of elevated work platforms The Genie TZ-34/20 and the Squirrel 665 are the two new additions to Tree Care Machinery’s impressive range of versatile elevated work platforms. The Genie TZ-34/20 has an outstanding work envelope with innovative controls that allow the user to easily navigate into hard […]

Starting and Stopping Your Chainsaw

STARTING AND STOPPING THE HUSQVARNA CHAINSAW Starting and stopping the Husqvarna chainsaw is simple. Follow these steps to start and stop a Husqvarna chainsaw to ensure safe usage and a longer life for your chainsaw Activate the chain brake before starting the chainsaw. When starting your chainsaw with a cold engine, set the choke control […]

How to Mix Fuel

How to Mix Fuel for a Husqvarna Two Stroke Engine Chainsaw If your Husqvarna chainsaw is run by a two stroke engine, it always needs to be fuelled with a mixture of gasoline and two stroke oil. Follow these steps to mix two stroke oil and unleaded gasoline for your Husqvarna chainsaw. First make sure […]

How to Fit the Bar and Chain

How to Fit the Bar and Chain on a Husqvarna Chainsaw Learn how to fit the bar and chain on your Husqvarna chainsaw Wear safety glasses and gloves. Disengage the chain brake. Remove the bar nuts and the clutch cover. Remove the spacers and discard. Fit the bar over the bar bolts and move it […]

Getting the Most out of Your Knives

When it comes to Bandit brush chippers, knives are one of the most critical parts that have a direct impact not only on performance but also the life of the machine. Having the knowledge to properly maintain your knives — more specifically the cutting edges or points of your knives — is important to help […]

Changing Knives

CHANGING KNIVES ON DISC AND DRUM STYLE CHIPPERS This article contains step-by-step information, visual reference, and safety tips on the knife changing procedures for both disc and drum-style hand fed chippers. Be sure to watch the video walkthroughs at the bottom of the article to see the process for yourself. Chipper knives are sharp and […]