The Revolution™ from the New River Equipment Corp. utilizes the industry’s best cutting tool, while reducing wheel wear. The Revolution™ is available for tow behind, self propelled, or any other stump grinding application.

  • Precise alignment of all cutting tools for superior cutting and wheel balance.
  • Locating pin system on pockets to insure correct placement on the wheel every time.
  • Low profile and beveled pocket design that maximizes cutting efficiency.
  • Unique pocket design protects cutting wheel and is reversible for twice the pocket life.

Call TCM today to order The RevolutionTM cutterwheel on your new Bandit stump grinder, or to retrofit your current stump grinder* with The RevolutionTM!



No one wants to spend large sums of money on equipment they only use now and again, so hiring is a great option for those one off jobs that require equipment you don’t own.

In addition to having the right gear for the right job, hiring offers many advantages;

  • You can accurately cost jobs when quoting knowing exactly how much your equipment costs will be.
  • Maintenance and consumables like knives, belts, teeth, bearings etc are no longer your problem.
  • Negotiating with the bank to fund expensive equipment is a thing of the past.
  • Moving things around in your yard to create space is no longer an issue.

Tree Care Machinery now hires chippers, trucks, stump grinders, mini loaders & cherry pickers of various sizes so no job is too big or too small.

We keep updating our fleet so we have the latest and safest equipment available for our customers.




DSC_8882                          Monitor 1890

MONITOR 2210                                                                                      MONITOR 1890

The Monitor range of elevated work platforms go above and beyond to safely take you to where you need to be. With a vast variety of working heights and outreach, you can find a perfect match for your work type and context. Perfect for arborists, maintenance, construction, councils, painters and plasterers, the Monitor elevated work platforms also make a great addition to hire companies.

Tree Care Machinery now has a Monitor 2210 in stock with a massive  10.3 m horizontal outreach and incredible 230 kg basket capacity. If the 2210 is too big, try our Monitor 1890 with a 17.6 m working height, 8.7 m horizontal outreach and 200 kg basket capacity. 

Call Shane on 82778700 for a free demo.


So often the woodchipper is blamed by the operators when it blocks up, feeds slowly, or struggles on foliage.  The operators become impatient and annoyed, and work the machine harder and harder.

chipper-knife-1Usually the problem is not with the chipper itself, but the simple fact that the knives are blunt.  Dull knives can sometimes be “touched up” without removing them from the chipper. A mill file will often bring back a sharp edge or, the ‘Accusharp’ tool sharpener is great for this purpose. The main point to remember is that only the bevelled edge of the knife can be sharpened, not the face.  Once the knives are beyond ‘touching up’ by hand, they must be removed and sharpened by a professional chipper knife grinder at the correct angle.

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Reach New Heights

Tree Care Machinery introduces its versatile new range of elevated work platforms

Genie TZ-34:20

The Genie TZ-34/20 and the Squirrel 665 are the two new additions to Tree Care Machinery’s impressive range of versatile elevated work platforms.

The Genie TZ-34/20 has an outstanding work envelope with innovative controls that allow the user to easily navigate into hard to reach places. Boasting a 40ft working height the extension boom has a self-leveling platform with a variable-speed control system.

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Rope Shearing Device


Bandit Industries has researched and developed a way to reduce dangers and potential accidents that can result from either improper winch system usage; or climbers’ ropes finding their way into the chipper housing.


Brush feeding into a chipper has the potential to snag either winch cables equipped with the chipper itself or, separately, climbers’ ropes found in the gear of tree care professionals and pull either of them into the rotating chipper knives. You must exercise extreme caution to prevent this because the knives can grab and pull in any type of line and anything attached to it at a high speed. Death or serious injury can result. Thus, never have any cable or rope near feeding brush or the feed system of the chipper. Also, metal can be ejected from the infeed chute at high speed which can cause death or serious injury to a person located within the path of the discharged material.

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Revolution Cutting Wheel


The Bandit Revolution stump grinder cutter wheel is now standard issue for all new Bandit stump grinders, and it’s available as a retrofit for older machines. Don’t have a Bandit stump grinder? No problem—this amazing wheel is also available for a wide range of other stump grinder makes and models so you too can be part of the Revolution. In just a few short months on the market this wheel has already proven to be an impressive upgrade.



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Massive Pine Tree is not a problem if you have the Right Gear


Taking down a tree this big takes plenty of knowhow and the right equipment.

Matt Deeprose knew where to go when he needed a big chipper and truck to handle this big takedown.

“The great thing about hiring equipment from Tree Care Machinery is that you can factor your costs into the job as you know exactly what the equipment will cost you” said Matt from Number 7 Trees. “You can hire the most suitable size equipment and of course you take it back when your finished so you don’t need to worry about maintenance and repairs.


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Bandit Model 2550XP

The Model 2550XP is a high production stump grinder that has the power to go after large-scale projects or big stumps. This Hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinder has the ability to get just about anywhere but with a powerful 44HP diesel motor large stumps are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Using the same beltless hydrostatic direct drive as the Bandit Model 2250XP means maintenance cost are drastically reduced.


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New Avant 640

More speed and power for 600-series

A new model in the 600 series that is equipped with Poclains 2-speed piston drive motors.

The maximum speed of 22 km/h will allow this machine to travel longer distances which is especially important for property maintenance customers, cities and municipalities. On the lower gear pushing power is more than ever before in 600 series making the machine a true work horse.

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