Revolution Cutting Wheel


The Bandit Revolution stump grinder cutter wheel is now standard issue for all new Bandit stump grinders, and it’s available as a retrofit for older machines. Don’t have a Bandit stump grinder? No problem—this amazing wheel is also available for a wide range of other stump grinder makes and models so you too can be part of the Revolution. In just a few short months on the market this wheel has already proven to be an impressive upgrade.



The key to the Bandit Revolution’s performance is the spiral configuration of the teeth, combined with low-profile pockets that receive minimal wear while also minimising chip spread. The lead teeth on the wheel are set at 57 and 20 degrees to complete the spiral of the side teeth up and over the wheel’s edge, allowing for a more aggressive cut that also helps move material away from the stump. A variety of carbide teeth are available to best suit grinding conditions and machine horsepower, and their counter-sunk mounting in the pockets make them virtually unbreakable. A LONG-SHORT lead tooth allows the cutting to take place further from the wheel, reducing wear. For high horsepower machines, a SHORT-SHORT carbide is used to reduce leverage and keep the cutting action closer to the pocket. The SaberTooth maximises the cutting efficiency on lower horsepower machines and is designed to always have two sharp cutting edges as it wears—no sharpening required.