Wood Chipper Knife Sharpening

Is your chipper working hard to chip material well within its capacity? Blunt knives cause more stress for the operator and machine. Don’t put up with dull or wrongly sharpened knives – try our precision sharpening service.

Using our automatic knife grinder, our staff ensure that your knives are finely honed in sets to the correct angle to ensure uniform sizes for balance and ultimate performance. Coolant is used to preserve the correct blade hardness, and double edged knives will have the bolt holes centralised for turning in the field without anvil adjustment.

When your knives are down to the manufacturer’s minimum width we will contact you and offer a very competitive price on a new set. For maximum safety when handling sharp knives we can supply kevlar gloves (see below), and we recommend our knife boxes for transporting or storing your knives.

Chipper Knife Boxes

Purpose built robust plastic containers available in two sizes – ” 8″x 4″ & 13″x 5 1/2″.No more cardboard boxes, masking tape or cut fingers!

Accusharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

This general purpose blade sharpener is ideal for putting an edge on dull chipper knives without removing them from chipper. (Make sure you are wearing kevlar gloves.)

Kevlar Gloves

These gloves have a “Super Grip”coating over a knitted fabric reinforced with Kevlar, which provides protection from sharp objects. These gloves are recommended for handling or sharpening wood chipper blades. available in large, and extra large.