when should I service my chipper

Chipper Servicing

A common question asked of me is “when should I service my chipper?” Generally, we see a brand new chipper at 50 hours for its first service, at which time we change the engine oil and filter, the hydraulic filter, check for any leaks or potential issues and adjust the clutch. After that it’s common…

clogger maintain chainsaw pants chaps

How to Best Maintain and Clean Clogger Chainsaw Pants and Chaps

Like all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you should regularly maintain and clean Clogger chainsaw pants and chaps to ensure that they remain fully functional. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your Clogger chainsaw protective apparel. Clogger products use a range of advanced textiles and fibres that have various finishes and coatings. These all…

bes knfie boxes tcm

BES Knife Boxes

Wood chipper operators are now able to carry chipper blades safely thanks to the range of BES chipper blade carry boxes available through Tree Care Machinery. For many years wood chipper owners carried spare blades in cardboard boxes, towels, wooden blocks, wrapped in some type of tape or nothing at all. These methods provided little…

eye safety tcm

Eye Safety

A revolution in eye safety is on its way. While many of us are aware of the possible risk of eye injuries, the most important aspect of prevention involves the use of safely glasses. Men are more likely than women to sustain an eye injury but very few men wear adequate eye protection when at…

safety equipment inspection

Safety Equipment Inspection Requirements

What is equipment inspection? The periodic and regular checking & documenting of equipment’s condition.   What equipment needs to be inspected? All PPE (personal protective equipment). Anything that is used as life support or for holding loads such as harnesses, ropes, ascenders, descenders, fall arrest devices, carabiners etc.   Why should I get my equipment…

facebook competition ft img

Facebook Competition

Tree Care Machinery recently ran a Facebook competition over the course of two weeks that allowed participants the chance to win a brand new Protos Integral Arborist Helmet valued at $465. We were only able to pick one winner but after receiving so many great photo entries, we thought it would be a good idea…

bandit rope shear device ft img

Bandit Rope Shear Device

Brush feeding into a chipper has the potential to snag either winch cables equipped with the chipper itself or, separately, climbers’ ropes found in the gear of tree care professionals and pull either of them into the rotating chipper knives. You must exercise extreme caution to prevent this because the knives can grab and pull…