Reecoil products are developed for the Arboriculture industry. Their equipment make work around trees easier and more productive by meeting the needs of tree climbers on a day to day basis. Reecoil specialise in tool drop prevention solutions but also stock a range of construction accessories that can be applied across multiple industries. Gear for industrial athletes.

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reecoil bolt bag tool harness pouch tcm

Reecoil Bolt-Bag Tool Harness Pouch

$109.95 $109.95

The BOLT-BAG by REECOIL™ is by no means an ordinary tool bag. Designed for the needs of the modern climber and industrial athlete.

They’ve designed and developed the BOLT-BAG to fit to safety harnesses and tool belts.

With a unique combination of features, to make working at height easier, safer and with less hassle to reach the gear you need.

Take a look through the product images and watch the video below to see how it works. 

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reecoil standard bungee chainsaw lanyard tcm

Reecoil Standard Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard

$38.50 $38.50

The REECOIL Standard Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard has been designed to suit a climbers basic needs.

Built from a hard wearing, high-vis webbing. This lanyard will stand out on the back of any saw.

Featuring a bungee design to keep the compact recoil length and a hang ring to “high hang” your saw on your harness caritool. With a total extended length of 132cm (52 inches).

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