redbull branched out event ft 2019

Red Bull Branched Out 2019 – Speed Tree Climbing Event

red bull branched out 2019 final poster


The Red Bull Branched Out competition has been running for 3 years, each year being held in Australia. The first year it took place in Balranald, Victoria, last year was in Wellington, New South Wales and this year’s event is in Kapunda, South Australia. Climbers travel from all around the world to take part in what is a truly unique and unmissable event.


October 17 – 19, 2019.
Kapunda, SA, Australia


Why TCM is involved / equipment sponsor

This is TCM’s first major sponsorship role and one that is driven by passion for Arboriculture and a desire to improve the public perception of the industry. This is the perfect platform for sponsors to help Red Bull show how exciting and skilfull the industry is.

How the event works

Competitors are required to hit several targets in a 30-metre-high tree canopy, starting at the top and swinging from fixed ropes descending down to the ground. The courses are physically demanding and offer an impressive spectacle for both online and in-person viewers. Four-rounds of elimination sit between the climbers and either $25,000 cash or $50,000 of equipment and kit.

“In each round, all climbers that have qualified for the round must attempt a tree circuit according to the rules. After each round, a designated proportion of climbers will be eliminated; climbers with the fastest times will progress through to the next round. The fastest male and female climber to complete the Grand Final Circuit will be announced as the Red Bull Branched Out Champions for 2019!” – Red Bull website