No one wants to spend large sums of money on equipment they only use now and again, so hiring is a great option for those one off jobs that require equipment you don’t own.

In addition to having the right gear for the right job, hiring offers many advantages;

  • You can accurately cost jobs when quoting knowing exactly how much your equipment costs will be.
  • Maintenance and consumables like knives, belts, teeth, bearings etc are no longer your problem.
  • Negotiating with the bank to fund expensive equipment is a thing of the past.
  • Moving things around in your yard to create space is no longer an issue.

Tree Care Machinery now hires chippers, trucks, stump grinders, mini loaders & cherry pickers and plans to add more equipment in the near future.

We keep updating our fleet so we have the latest and safest equipment available for our customers.

Terms & Conditions of Hire