Tree Care Machinery Pty. Ltd. (TCM) has been servicing the South Australian tree care industry for over 30 years, providing a range of machinery and arborist equipment to make the care of trees more efficient and profitable.

The scope of our service ranges from initial recommendations, sale of machines and spare parts through delivery, training, service and rebuilding when required by safety legislation. We are the authorised South Australian dealer for Bandit wood chippers & stump grinders, Avant mini loaders, Hydralada EWP’s, Husqvarna outdoor products and a wide range of climbing and rigging equipment.

TCM also has an online store, bringing the very latest equipment from around the world to arborists, tree contractors and councils across Australia. Every item we sell has been trialled by our consulting arborists to ensure it complies with Australian Standards and is appropriate for Australian conditions.

Several years ago TCM started hiring out machinery to a few customers when their machines or trucks were in for repair. We soon realised that this was a service the industry desired for many reasons, so we decided to provide a range of specialty machines specifically for those in the tree care industry. Customers can hire a machine when:

  • Their machine is being serviced or repaired
  • They need a bigger machine than they own for a particular job
  • They need a smaller machine than they own for a particular job
  • They have a dangerous job that requires specialised machinery
  • They need extra plant to keep up with an increased workload

The service has been well supported and we are very pleased that we have been able to provide the industry with a value added service that also makes our business more profitable.

TCM and its subsidiaries are proud to be involved in making Arboriculture a safer and more respected industry.

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