Arguably the most important item of PPE for any arborist or tree care worker is their helmet. We stand behind our helmets with confidence, knowing we can trust the brands we stock. Our helmets range from our specialised Protos Integral arborist helmet, to complete helmet kits by Husqvarna and Petzl as well as a basic helmet kit for ground-based workers. These helmets are complimented by our Simarghu rescue whistles, which act as another safety feature when doing dangerous work with trees.

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petzel vertex vent helment 2019 1

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmets

From: $153.81 From: $153.81

Comfortable ventilated helmet.

The VERTEX VENT helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, which guarantee that the helmet fits securely on the head. The adjustable-strength chinstrap makes it ideal for both work at height and on the ground. It has ventilation holes with sliding shutters to allow airflow through the helmet. With its potential for integration of a Petzl headlamp, hearing protection, and multiple accessories, it is an entirely modular helmet, thus responding to the specific additional needs of professionals.

Other colours available on request:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
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3m peltor x4p3e ear muffs cap mounted

3M Peltor X4P3E Helmet Mounted Earmuffs

$53.90 $53.90
  • The wire headband offers consistent pressure over prolonged wearing periods
  • Earcup pivot points tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency
  • Incredibly light weight & low profile
  • Replaceable ear cushions and foam liners (hygiene kit HYX4)
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petzel vizen mesh face shield 1Out Of Stock

Petzl Vizen Mesh Face Shield

From: $105.36 From: $105.36

Please note: This is a 2019 accessory and will therefore only fit 2019 Petzl helmets.

The VIZEN MESH face shield protects against flying wood chips and shavings. This full-coverage shield offers complete face protection while ensuring good visibility. It is easily installed on VERTEX and STRATO helmets, thanks to the EASYCLIP attachment system.

petzel vizir shadow face shield 1

Petzl Vizir Shadow Face Shield

From: $104.03 From: $104.03

Please note: this is a 2019 accessory and will therefore only fit Petzl helmets from 2019 onwards.

Tinted eye shield with EASYCLIP system for VERTEX and STRATO helmets.

The VIZIR SHADOW eye shield provides eye protection against projectile hazards. It is easy to install on VERTEX and STRATO helmets with the EASYCLIP attachment system. It has a level 2.5 solar protection filter, and anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments.

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petzl neck protectors yellow 2

Petzl Neck Protectors

$39.90 $39.90

High-visibility neck protector for VERTEX and STRATO helmets.

The neck protector for VERTEX and STRATO helmets provides effective sun and rain protection for the nape of the neck. Fluorescent colours give the worker optimal visibility, night and day. Available in two colours.

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