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Bandit ZT1844 main

Bandit ZT1844 Track Stump Grinder

Bandit Industries’ Model ZT1844 stump grinder is the most productive compact, track mounted stump grinder on the market.

It features all the power and performance of every Bandit® stump grinder, but with features that make it an ideal machine for rental companies or dedicated stump grinding professionals.

The wider swing arc covers more area when grinding at the stump. The taller grinding height and deeper grinding depth means you can tackle larger stumps and chase the roots deeper into the ground. And intuitive controls and zero-turn manoeuvrability make grinding stumps easy, no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a rental customer.

Bandit 2550XP main

Bandit 2550XP Stump Grinder

The Model 2550XP is a rugged, compact stump grinder ideal for tree services looking for a dependable self-propelled grinder with the convenience of a hydrostatic drive.

Bandit 2650XP main

Bandit 2650XP Stump Grinder

The Bandit Model 2650XP is an outstanding mid-large stump grinder with standard four-wheel drive and a powerful 61hp CAT turbo diesel engine.

It rides on dual drive wheels with flotation tires; the outer drive wheels can quickly and easily be removed to bring machine width down to 35” (87cm) for tight access jobs..

With an efficient low maintenance hydrostatic drive system to the cutter head, the Model 2650XP is well-equipped to handle big stumps and provides excellent flotation to gently traverse delicate.

Bandit 2890XP main

Bandit 2890XP Stump Grinder

The model 2890XP is a powerful, self-propelled, hydrostatic-driven stump grinder. The Model 2890XP features the same proven system found on the popular 2900XP, but rides on rubber tires as opposed to a rubber track undercarriage.

Bandit 2900XP

Bandit 2900XP Track Stump Grinder

The 2900XP is an extremely versatile stump grinder. It is best suited for traveling over rough, soft soil conditions, yet has the capability to fit through a 36-inch backyard gate.