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hansa c13rtv wood chipper

Hansa C13RTV Wood Chipper


This Road Trailer Version is also available with an electric start option. (Electric Start option model – $7,295.00)

hansa c3e electric start wood chipper 02

Hansa C3e Electric Start Wood Chipper


The Electric Hansa Model C3e is an essential tool for the suburban garden, useful all year round as you do your winter pruning, spring clean-up, or trimming back in summer – plug it in, turn it on and chip away.

hansa c7 wood chipper

Hansa C7 Wood Chipper


Ideal for the home gardener or acreage owner, the Hansa C7 is a garden shredder, mulcher & chipper, in use across Australia – tidying up and creating mulch for gardens, acreages and small farms.

hansa c13 wood chipper main

Hansa C13 Wood Chipper


The Hansa C13 comes in three versions – standard, (or with optional drawbar) (C13), mounted on a road trailer (C13 RT), or powered by your tractor (C13 PTO).

hansa c16 wood chipper

Hansa C16 Wood Chipper


The Hansa C16 chipper is an ideal machine for garden maintenance, contractors, smaller arboriculture businesses and larger lifestyle blocks.

hansa c21 wood chipper

Hansa C21 Wood Chipper


The Hansa C21 wood chipper will process branch and brushy material, wood off-cuts and other vegetation material up to 140mm in diameter.