Having the right tools and equipment is one thing but maintaining and protecting that investment is another. We stock a vast range or workshop accessories for chain sharpening, assembly and general upkeep as well as storage for pole saws and chainsaws.

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Pole Saw Box

Pole Saw Box


Please note: this box does not suit the Stihl HT 133 pole saw.

reecoil bolt bag tool harness pouch tcm

Reecoil Bolt-Bag Tool Harness Pouch

$109.95 $109.95

The BOLT-BAG by REECOIL™ is by no means an ordinary tool bag. Designed for the needs of the modern climber and industrial athlete.

They’ve designed and developed the BOLT-BAG to fit to safety harnesses and tool belts.

With a unique combination of features, to make working at height easier, safer and with less hassle to reach the gear you need.

Take a look through the product images and watch the video below to see how it works. 

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husqvarna chainsaw carry case tcm

Husqvarna Chainsaw Carry Case

$69.00 $69.00

Please note:

This carry case fits all Husqvarna chainsaws up to and including the 572XP. Saws larger than the 572XP will not fit.