We have a growing range of harnesses and accessories that would excite any avid tree climber. The top of our range includes Teufelberger’s new model of treeMOTION evo Harness as well as the Sequoia Harness by Petzl. To complete your harness set up, try a few of our Petzl caritools and DMM anchor rings as well.

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Teufelberger treeMOTION evo Harness

Teufelberger treeMOTION evo Harness

$950.00 $950.00

The anticipation is over! The next evolution of the treeMOTION harness is here.

The treeMOTION evo is Teufelberger’s top climbing harness for all arborists with multiple bridge variations changed out as required. The combination of the new versatile performance features with the comfort and safety that you already know has evolved into the NEW treeMOTION evo.

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petzl sequoia harnessOut Of Stock

Petzl Sequoia 1 Harness

From: $688.75 From: $688.75

Size 1.

  • Waist belt: 70-93 cm
  • Leg loops: 47-62 cm

Tree care seat harness for doubled-rope ascent techniques

The SEQUOIA is a tree care seat harness for doubled-rope ascent techniques. The extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops provide comfort for the arborist. The waistbelt is equipped with a FAST automatic buckle for quick and simple opening and closing, without loss of adjustment, even while wearing gloves. The leg loops have FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles. The gated attachment points allow the user to easily connect a ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard, or to install several attachment bridges and accessories directly on the bridge. The harness also facilitates the carrying and organizing of work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching CARITOOL tool holders.

reecoil bolt bag tool harness pouch tcm

Reecoil Bolt-Bag Tool Harness Pouch

$109.95 $109.95

The BOLT-BAG by REECOIL™ is by no means an ordinary tool bag. Designed for the needs of the modern climber and industrial athlete.

They’ve designed and developed the BOLT-BAG to fit to safety harnesses and tool belts.

With a unique combination of features, to make working at height easier, safer and with less hassle to reach the gear you need.

Take a look through the product images and watch the video below to see how it works. 

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