Our lanyard and flipline range covers it all. From wire core fliplines and pole straps to ART positioners, mini rope grabs, Teufelberger lanyards and even energy absorbing lanyards for work on EWP machinery. We stand behind our brands to provide the safety and usability our customers need. They include Samson, Teufelberger, ART, ISC and Miller.

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Ropepod Lanyard Storage Device

From $239.90 From $239.90

Houses up to 4.5 metres of lanyard (3 metres inside and 1.5 metres hanging out).

Designed for 10mm-11.7mm rope.

There are two options available:

Ropepod unit without lanyard (you will need to install your own by following the tutorial video below) or;

Ropepod unit with spliced Donaghy’s Cougar Orange 11.7mm lanyard (see product images).

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shizll rope slider tcmOut Of Stock

Shizll Rope Slider

$39.50 $39.50


Colour: Blue

  • Suitable for carabiners up to 14mm cross-cut
  • Anodised against corrosion and wear