Our lanyard and flipline range covers it all. From wire core fliplines and pole straps to positioners, mini rope grabs and full lanyard systems. We also offer a custom made Donaghys Cougar lanyard that is spliced and tagged by our in-house splicing technician.

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Ropepod Lanyard Storage Device

From $239.90 From $239.90

Houses up to 4.5 metres of lanyard (3 metres inside and 1.5 metres hanging out).

Designed for 10mm-11.7mm rope.

There are two options available:

Ropepod unit without lanyard (you will need to install your own by following the tutorial video below) or;

Ropepod unit with spliced Donaghy’s Cougar Orange 11.7mm lanyard (see product images).

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shizll rope slider tcm

Shizll Rope Slider

$39.50 $39.50


Colour: Blue

  • Suitable for carabiners up to 14mm cross-cut
  • Anodised against corrosion and wear
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