Look no further for all your throwline and accessory needs. We have an impressive array of throwline bags and cubes, stein and weaver deluxe throw bags, the sleek missile-like throwpod, zing-it throw line and every part needed to assemble your big shot throw bag launcher. That includes the new Notch Bigshot Trigger which is quick to connect, is mid-pole adjustable, reduces arm fatigue, improves accuracy, improves consistency and has integrated trigger safety. Our brands include Stein, Weaver, Samson, Courant, Throwpod, Notch and Jameson.

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Jameson Fibreglass 4ft Pole Pole Only

Jameson 4ft Fibreglass Pole (for Bigshot)

$67.90 $67.90

Please note:

  • Each pole shown in the product image is 4 feet long. The complete bigshot unit is 8 feet long. Poles are sold individually.
  • Bigshot head shown in the product image is not included with the fibreglass pole

petzl eclipse throw line storage bagOut Of Stock

Petzl Eclipse Throwline Storage Bag

$99.50 $99.50

Storage for throw-line.

ECLIPSE provides easy storage for AIRLINE throw-lines and JET throw-bags. The double bottom allows two throw-lines to be stored separately. Once folded into the small bag, it all fits perfectly into the BUCKET pack.