Avant Mini Loader – 400 Series

The newest AVANT model, the 400 series has a very important role in Avant loader program. It is a machine that the customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi purpose loader with diesel or petrol engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round.

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400 Series

The newest AVANT model, the 400 series has a very important role in Avant loader program. It is a machine that the customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi purpose loader with diesel or petrol engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round.


  • Visibility
  • Rigid articulation joint
  • Load sensor
  • Ergonomics
  • Hydrostatic transmission


The first thing in the safe design of Avant is its basic construction. The operator has an excellent , unrestricted 360º field of vision. Positioned in the front part of the machine, the operator’s seat is as close to the attachment as it can safely be. That is why Avant driver can always see what he is doing and where he is going

Rigid articulation joint

Rigid articulation joint has been the trademark of Avant for a long time. This design means that the articulation joint doesn’t swing sideways – it only turns in the direction of steering. This gives numerous advantages:

  • Tipping load is much bigger when the chassis of the machine is in articulation
  • Rear chassis of the machine is in all situations a counterweight to the load on the front part of the machine
  • Drive speed of the machine can be higher without needing to make the machine too wide, because the machine is more stable when turning.

Load sensor

The load sensor also comes as standard in Avant 400 series. Audible warning signals are heard if the rear wheels are about to lift off of the ground, warning the operator immediately should he, for example, inadvertently move the load away from the machine with the telescopic boom.


Working with the machine is very easy and logical. Cockpit ergonomics is well thought out and all controls are well positioned.

Hydrostatic transmission

Hydrostatic transmission guarantees smooth and exact driving. The machine can be controlled very exactly both on low and higher drive speeds.

  • ROPS safety frame and FOPS canopy
  • Seat belt

Avant 400 series comes as standard with a tested and certified ROPS safety frame, which is a four post structure which really protects the operator, for instance when driving backward and accidentally hitting an obstacle. The ROPS frame and the optional FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the relevant ISO standards. The two-point seat belt is standard feature as well.

  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Turning radius inside / outside 880 / 1970 mm

Avant is equipped with a precise and light to operate hydraulic power steering. Thanks to this the machine is easy to control in all situations. Turning radius of Avant 400 series is 1,97 m only, which means they can work in tight situations as well.

  • Oil flow 31 l/min
  • Pressure 185 bar
  • Hydraulic oil cooler standard

Avant 500 series, like all Avant models, is equipped with a double acting auxiliary hydraulics outlet in the front, which is very powerful for a machine of this size. This makes the Avant a real multi purpose machine and allows a superior attachment range with over 100 different attachments.

Hydraulic oil cooler comes as standard. It is a very important equipment for conditions where the attachments are being operated continuously for a long period of time in high ambient temperatures – like the trencher, wood chipper, rotary hoe or lawn mower.

  • Modern off centre boom construction
  • Lift capacity 650 kg
  • Max. lift height 2750 mm
  • Telescopic boom as option
  • Quick attach system for attachments

Telescopic boom

When equipped with telescopic boom, one has good reason to say that Avant 400 series is actually an articulated telescopic handler. Lift height, lift capacity, outreach and load control are superior in their class.


Thanks to the off centre boom construction Avant driver has an excellent field of vision to the working area and to the attachment. He doesn’t have to reach out to see. Avant driver always sees what he is doing and where he is going. The off centre boom makes working with practically all attachments more efficient, but especially hydraulic breaker, auger, trencher and stump buster benefit from this design.

Avant quick attach system

Quick attach system makes changing of attachments very fast and easy. For example, taking off a bucket and attaching a backhoe or lawn mower happens in just a couple of minutes.

  • Easy and exact to drive
  • Precise drive speed control at low speed also
  • High pulling force

Hydrostatic transmission is not the cheapest of solution, but it is the best for this type of machine. Thanks to the hydrostatic system drive control is excellent: the machine moves very precisely without rushing, and pulling force is very good throughout the whole drive speed range.

Avant 400 series can also be equipped with an anti slip valve (a hydraulic system similar to a differential lock) which further improves all terrain capabilities and driving on soft grounds. Hydrostatic transmission is also – except hydraulic oil and filter changes – service free.

  • Attachments can be mounted both on the front and on the rear
  • Rigid articulation joint

Rigid articulation joint has always been the trademark of Avant. Thanks to this rigid design tipping load is much higher when the machine is articulated (steered).

This also improves stability and performance of the machine considerably. Avant is therefore well known as a very stable machine.

Avant is designed so that attachments can be mounted either on the front of the machine on the quick attach plate, or on the rear. Most of the attachments are mounted on the front, directly on the field of vision of the operator.

Some attachments can also be mounted on the rear of the machine thanks to the optional rear auxiliary hydraulics and trailer coupling.

From the complete options list you can select the equipment you need for your Avant. This optional equipment further improves work efficiency, ergonomics and operator comfort. You can tailor your Avant to suit your needs and working habits. Different cab and seat options improve operator comfort. Work is more efficient when you have the telescopic boom, self levelling, drive release valve and extra counterweights on the machine.

Familiarise yourself with the options range and build your own Avant.



Avant provide high quality European articulated loaders along with a wide variety of multipurpose attachments. Their machines make light work of even the toughest jobs meaning crews put less demand on their bodies and are more efficient themselves. Using Avant machinery is the efficient way of setting up, clearing up or moving just about anything. The range of attachments such as forks, log grab and 4-in-1 bucket mean one machine can tackle any job.


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