Bandit 2680T – 35″ Drum Horizontal Grinder

Experience the power and efficiency of Bandit’s 2680XP, expertly designed to address your waste processing challenges. Boasting a massive 42″ diameter by 63″ wide cutter mill, and a 35″ high x 60″ wide mill opening, this machine beast will easily tackle even the most demanding tasks.

Feel the difference as you harness the power of Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutter bodies, featuring a 30 or 60-tooth cutter mill that expertly regulates the size of each bite. With most materials sized in the initial cut, you’ll witness an accelerated processing rate as material exits the spacious screening area quickly and efficiently.

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Marvel at the 2680 Track’s superior performance as it processes larger-diameter materials with minimal vibration while using less horsepower and fuel. Its cuttermill’s diameter surpasses most competitors, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operation that saves time and money.

The 2680 Track is constructed with solid steel welding and the industry’s best components to withstand the most brutal daily grind. Trust this dependable machine to perform daily, handling waste wood, plastic, roofing shingles, chunk wood, and more with unwavering reliability. Don’t let waste processing hold you back—embrace the power of Bandit’s 2680 Track and revolutionize your operations. Experience the difference today and elevate your productivity to new heights.


  1. UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY– Experience remarkable versatility with the Model 2680XP Track, capable of processing various waste materials, including wood, plastic, and roofing shingles. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple machines; The Beast® has you covered, streamlining your operations and maximising productivity.
  2. VALUE-ADDED PRODUCTS– Unlock the full potential of your waste materials by converting them into valuable products that customers will eagerly pay top dollar for. The Model 2680XP’s customisable teeth and screens ensure you meet precise end-product specifications, boosting your revenue and reinforcing your reputation as a top-quality service provider.
  3. COST-EFFECTIVE EFFICIENCY– Embrace the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of The Beast® 2680XP, equipped with a patented cutter mill that regulates the size of the cut for a more uniform product using less energy. This translates to significant savings in fuel, wear and tear, and time – because you get the right size on the first pass every time.
  4. DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY– Discover the unmatched durability and reliability of the Model 2680XP, built with solid steel welded construction and the industry’s best components. Trust in a machine designed to withstand the daily grind, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless workflow, even in the most demanding conditions.
  5. WORLDWIDE SUPPORT NETWORK – Feel supported every step of the way with our worldwide network of authorised dealers, who are always ready to assist with parts, service, and expert guidance. The Model 2680XP comes with a commitment to quality, innovation, and dedication that empowers you to exceed expectations and elevate your operations to new heights. Contact our team via phone or fill in the form below for a quote to learn more and revolutionise your waste processing operations with The Beast® 2680XP!


  • Model2680T
  • Capacity35″ (889mm)
  • Engine BrandCAT
  • Engine Power755 HP
  • Chipper TypeDrum
  • Infeed Throat Opening Size35” tall x 60” wide
  • Height378.5cm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity606 litres
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity568 litres
  • ChipperLength10.5 m
  • Chipper Width2.97 m
  • Chipper Weight30,800 kg
  • Number of Teeth60



Bandit builds state of the art machinery using unique manufacturing technology, traditional hand-assembly and extensive welded construction. All machines are custom made to suit the demands of the end user and their work environment. When you purchase a woodchipper or a stump grinder, you are investing in a “whole of life” equipment solution for your business. Tree Care Machinery are there at the beginning when you take delivery of your machine, and will be beside you every day that the machine is a part of your business – that’s our Promise, and a responsibility we accept with absolute focus and dedication.


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