Hydralada Hi Lift 640

Hydraladas were originally developed to improve the efficiency of orchards for pruning, thinning and picking and orchard models are being made more versatile than ever.

However the greatly extended range of Hydraladas have now demonstrated their effectiveness for larger tropical fruit trees, the care of urban trees, seed collection, building, transport vehicle servicing – in fact any application where men need to work at moderate heights.

They enable the operator to move quickly from one position to another on rough terrain while elevating. Their advantage is that there is no need to stop and put down stabilizing legs, and in some applications it is more efficient for the operator to control the machine entirely with his feet, leaving both hands free to do his job.


6.40m platform lift height

The 640 has a large section boom providing excellent lift capacity at a low boom angle to allow maximum reach. Choose from the extensive portfolio of options to set the Maxi 640 up for the job in hand – tandem drive for rough and difficult ground surfaces – insulated fibreglass cages for utilities and clearing street trees – hydraulic outlets to power chainsaws are just a small selection that this machine has to offer.


Max. lift to cage floor:
6.40 m

Max. working height:
8.40 m

Aux. oil supply (optional):
26 litres /min @ 2000 psi

2.50 m

6.27 m

1445 kg

Max. safe working load:
160 kg

Kohler V-Twin 23HP

Wheel equipment:
26 x 12.00 x12

Popular options:

  • Padded cage bar
  • Hyd outlets in cage
  • Tandem drive
  • SP drive
  • Inclinometer


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