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The future of rigging is here, brought to us by David Driver of X-Rigging Rings. Notch and David worked together to develop a revolutionary friction tool for rope rigging work called the SafeBloc.

These triple hole thimbles add friction in the rigging system to anchor point, thus adding safety by reducing rigging point stress compared to a system that uses a block or pulley. Also, with the benefit of friction, the climber can often take over on the rigging line AFTER the groundperson has controlled the initial drop.

This is true on small-to-medium loads. This frees up the groundperson to use both hands and the climber can FINISH the lowering. Use the SafeBloc anywhere you’d use an arborist block for lowering. The rigging line can be woven through the three holes for its maximum friction, or fewer holes for less friction. However, the climber should not have to travel back to the SafeBloc  to do any adjustments; just pick the friction level predicted and continue to use it.

The triple hold thimbles do NOT add significant friction. A device that added too much friction could be dangerous and fatigue the short length of rope between the SafeBloc and the material being lowered. You can use the SafeBloc without a basal lowering device on small-to-medium loads, but once you get to medium-and-above size loads, it’s time to add the basal lowering device.

The SafeBloc is hard-coated for extended wear, and its holes are aligned in a row. It’s also made in the USA.

Additional Information

  • WEIGHT: 1.1kg (2.25 lb)
  • HEIGHT: 40mm (1.57in)
  • INNER DIAMETER: 38mm (1.49 in)




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