Ropepod Lanyard Storage Device

From: $239.90

Houses up to 4.5 metres of lanyard (3 metres inside and 1.5 metres hanging out).

Designed for 10mm-11.7mm rope.

There are two options available:

Ropepod unit without lanyard (you will need to install your own by following the tutorial video below) or;

Ropepod unit with spliced Donaghy’s Cougar Orange 11.7mm lanyard (see product images).



The Ropepod is a lanyard storage device that allows the climber to neatly and conveniently house the lanyard while easily changing the length of the line when needed.



Sawpod are a training company based in the UK that have designed and manufactured the Sawpod, Throwpod and Ropepod. These are unique products made to make arb life easier and are used all around the world.


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