Teufelberger hipSTAR Flex 11.5MM CE Lanyard (4m)


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The CElanyard has always been ahead of its time and very popular. This is why arborists around the globe use CElanyard and enjoy the benefits of this one-of-a-kind system.

Committed to the safety and efficiency of tree climbers, we now took another step forward. Teufelberger obtained additional certifications for CElanyard in line with the countries where it is used.

Now, the hipSTAR FLEX 11.5mm is certified to:

  • EN 358:1999
  • EN 795B:2012
  • AS/NZS 5532:2013
  • AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
  • ANSI Z133-2017

Key Features:

  • Tensile Strength – 1800kg (17.7kN)
  • Increased lanyard diameter to 11.5mm
  • Additional Certifications
  • Certified with 2 knot configurations – Distel and Valdotain 4/3
  • The breaking force rating applies to the Ocean Vectran Loop 6mm and the Sirius 11.5mm with sewn loops when subjected to a straight-line pull under laboratory conditions in its new state
  • Features Ocean Polyester cordage.
  • The seams of the endpoints are designed with new resin-based seam protector technology



After over 200 years of business and seven generations of family ownership, Teufelberger has developed and maintained strong industry connections that allow them to continually meet the needs of tree care professionals. The knowledge accrued over the years and passed down from generation to generation is the backbone of their highly recognised product line. Their range of tree climbing equipment meets the demands of their customers by improving safety and efficiency.


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