Wood Chipper Knife Boxes

From $35.00

Small box fits knives up to 8″ (203mm)

Large box fits knives up to 10″ (254mm)



The all new knife box has arrived!

  • It has a handle for easy transportation
  • Great longevity due to the use of a higher-grade plastic material
  • Elimination of hazards (cuts from cardboard box being pierced, turns a two handed carry into one & maximizes efficiency as you can carry 8 big knives across two boxes or 16 small knives)
  • Secured with a wing nut & bolt that allows the user to determine when the box is closed tight enough
  • Box stands up for better storage and stability



Bushwood Equipment Sales (BES) provide TCM with high-quality wood chipper blades, stump grinder teeth & pockets and the revolutionary BES knife box that makes carrying chipper blades, safe, easy and affordable.


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